Francis J. Lussier

Born in the famous Berkshires, he roamed the mountains of the Appalachian hills bordering Massachusetts, New York and Vermont. Sometimes hiking the Long Trail and camping along the Mohawk and Taconic Mountains that were home to the Mohegan, Cherokee and Onieda Indian tribes. In the little town of North Adams, settled in the Mohawk Valley, you could find him fishing anywhere from the Deerfield River to the Battankill River or climbing the Long Trail that runs from the Greylock and Vermont’s Pine Cobble Mountains. His lust for the outdoors has taken him around the world but always back to New England. Educated in North Adams, he worked as a postal worker before answering the call to travel. He worked many years for the ACE in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Thailand  before retiring to Lady Lake Florida with his charming wife Loretta. Between writing and visiting his two children and five grandchildren he still has time for his favorite pastime, playing his drums. Now nearly blind from service in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War Two he spends his hours writing about his favorite ancestral subject, fictional Colonial Westerns.