Arnold R. Logan

ARL Logan Bk Jacket Pic 2

Arnold R. Logan III was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. He attended Fort Worth public schools till his senior year in high school. That year he went to Allen Military Academy in Bryan, TX. Lacking one credit in order to receive his diploma, he returned to Fort Worth, got the credit, and graduated from Paschal High School in 1953. Arnold worked for Lone Star Gas Co. a number of years, married in 1957, and he and Sue started their family. After leaving the gas company he worked at various jobs for several years. In 1964 Arnold joined the Teamsters and worked as a dockhand in the motor freight business loading and unloading trailers. He did that work for 17 years when, at age 47, he had a stroke and was unable to keep working. He also had several rent houses at the time but had to sell them in the mid-1980s because he could no longer do the maintenance work. Arnold was always interested in the history of people and places. His grandmother, Minnie Dix Logan shared some of her Dix family history in Virginia with him. She also told him about her early married life with Arnold Sr. in Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma and Texas. In 1998 after getting his first home computer, Arnold discovered “Rootsweb” on the internet and he was ‘hooked’ on genealogy!

Arnold and his wife, Sue, also retired, live in North Richland Hills, TX. They enjoy visits from and to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.