Joseph Camp


Mr. Camp retired at the end of 2005 from Eagle Support Services Corporation, a company he co-founded in 1996.  He had over 43 years experience on a wide variety of commercial and defense programs including positions in research and development, system design, production, testing, fielding, and operations and sustainment.  He directed and conducted major activities in and for the U. S. Army and with  other Department of Defense customers, as well as Homeland Security and other U. S. Government agencies.  His direct experience was in Air Defense, Command and Control Systems, Theater Missile Defense, and Aviation systems.  He worked worldwide living and working in Europe and the Pacific. As the Founder and Chairman,  CEO and President of Eagle Support Services Corporation, he developed and managed a multinational company with over 800 employees working at various times in 39 countries and had revenue of over $50 million.

Mr. Camp also served over 35 consecutive years military service in the US Active Army, the Army Reserve and in the Alabama National Guard. He achieved the rank of Brigadier General in the Army and retired as the Deputy Commander of a National Guard Support Command that had over 3000 assigned National Guard personnel.