Denver Peardon

I was born in the small town of Canton Georgia and that is where I still reside today with my loving wife Angela and my son Caleb. As a young child I became interested in the various wars as did most young boys. I was fascinated with the grand scale of World War II and the events that happened in that time! As I got older I began to notice that the Veterans from that war were beginning to dwindle. At this time my son and I began to take the World War Two display that I had to the local facilities and sharing it with the residents. As the residents were looking at and enjoying the items, they began to tell me stories of their experiences of their time during the war. Stories of hardships, friendships, the places and things that they had seen and done. I thought “How great it would be to be able to share these stories with everyone else before they too were gone”! That set in motion my journey that spanned over several years. My journey of preserving their stories and the History for all of you to enjoy. I hope you enjoy them half as much as I did collecting them. The bonds and friendships that I have made with them and their families is priceless! Hope you have enjoyed the book and May God Bless You All as He has me with these Angels on Earth!