Donald Conkey

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Born in 1927, Donald S. Conkey has lived through 87 years of America’s most unique and fast paced history. He lived through the pain inflicted by the 1930s Great Depression. He witnessed the killing and destruction of World War II. He feared as the Cold War developed with Russia. He served America during the Korean War. He obtained his college degree using the G.I. Bill.

Conkey’s belief in God, the Bible and America began on the lap of his mother. In 1956 he learned for himself that God lives and answers prayer. In 1980 Conkey began an in-depth study of America’s unique history – a study that included a line-by-line study of America’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Following a medical retirement in 1992 Conkey embarked on a second career – writing award winning op/ed columns with over 900 published to date – with each column posted on his web site – ‘Treasures of Truth.’