Senior Projects


Have you ever wondered if someone who is visually impaired can draw? Or, how they the world in their eyes?

As I See It is an art book that expresses the vision of a person who is visually impaired with Irlens. Irlens syndrome is a disconnect with the brain and eyes. It causes people to have trouble with depth prescription, and seeing words and objects properly.

Each picture helps the reader get an understanding of how the world/emotions are viewed in the eyes of someone with Irlens.


As I See It
Paperback, ISBN: 9781943529490

perf5.500x8.500.inddThis book explains the most common commands for K-9 police dogs.
The dog pictured, named Yoda, is trained to take commands in German.


Lillian Brown
Paperback, ISBN: 9781943529278

perf5.500x8.500.inddAdventures with Charley is about a monkey that goes home with second graders. Charley, the monkey, gets to experience many fun adventures.


Adventures With Charlie
Ansley Henson
Paperback, ISBN: 9781943529285


Life has a funny way of changing overnight

It's kinda like a wave that

Flows constantly and without direction Even though time continues on like a steady stream



Joe D. Diehl

Paperback, ISBN: 978194o395937 - $12.99


Every century, the dragon-gods have chosen a champion from among humans to represent and fight for them. On the eve of her birth, Lilith Trueheart was prophesized to be the next champion: the Dragon Exorcist. When the most powerful demon corrupts the deities and threatens total destruction, Lilith must accept her destiny and fight the threat if anyone is to survive.



The Dragon Exorcist Vol. 1 Part 1

Jessica Baker

Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395821 - $12.99


Poster1"The Meg" has a lot of life in her and she loves to give big hugs, big smiles, and spread a lot of joy! We both have been through so much with medicine, needle pokes, and hospital visits, but we don't let it get us down. God made both of us special and we have a purpose. That purpose is to live our life to the fullest and share the love of Jesus!




Still Going Strong
Preston Mott
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395340



Growing Pains coverThis collection of poems has been put together over the span of an adolescent life, and is targeted at pre-teens, teenagers, and adults alike. This book is designed to inspire, uplift, and comfort readers and bring together a wide audience under an array of topics and moods.





Growing Pains
Qandeel Ahmed
Paperback, ISBN: 9781936815425



Throughout all recorded history, humanity has been ravaged by the demons, but Alice never expected to so much as see one. As a child, she hoped for an eventful life, but never thought she would have one. She was the daughter of two farmers, living within the country of Insonda, protected by its enormous, impenetrable walls. The walls had always kept humanity protected against the demons, but one moment can change everything. When a new demon appears and destroys them, it begins a chain of events that could lead to the extinction of humanity. As she grew older, Alice learned to battle the demons. Now, as a young adult, she is caught in the middle of this chaos, forced to face a greater threat than the demons could ever be.

Clark Busey
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395760

f cover


A bilingual children's book in French and English.






The Adventures of Pierre & Sophie : A New Friend / Les Adventures de Pierre et Sophie: un nouvel ami
Alex Arzenshek
Paperback, ISBN: 9781936815401


Playback cover

Playback follows the story of private investigator Joseph Barrow, having just locked away on eof the most notorious serial killers in the once peaceful town of Greenfield. However, after being nearly murdered by a mysterious assailant, Joseph must travel through time and space to solve his own murder before it's too late.




Tyler Henry
Paperback, ISBN: 9781936815418



The kiss tasted of salt. But the taste wasn't a problem. I didn't have a problem with anything at this moment. All the stress back home, fearing that Blair would never forgive me, all of that washed away into that kiss. "I don't want you to leave," she repeated, her voice trembling. "I won't ever leave."






North and South
Jenna Haygood
Paperback, ISBN: 9781936815449


abigail coverMass Hysteria – A frenzy experienced by a large group of people due to their irrational reaction to a normally harmless event.

The Salem Witch Trials. A period of history that was so vile that many schools refuse to teach it. A period of history filled with so much destruction that the families of those affected by what occurred are still affected by it today. Everybody knows about the Salem Witch Trials though, they know of the evil Abigail Williams who caused the death of hundreds of innocent people by spreading vile lies and causing mass hysteria throughout the town. Everybody knows of the heroic John Proctor who fought for his beloved Elizabeth and refused to admit to being that which he was not. But what if the story everybody knows is wrong? What if what they thought were truths were only half truths?

“Abigail” is a story of romance, death, survival, and perseverance. It is the untold story of the infamous Salem Witch Trials. This debut novel from Cameron WCP pulls out all of the stops and will no doubt keep you reading from sunup to sundown.

Cameron W.C.P
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395265

My Author Bio (Pic)

Cameron WCP is a young up and coming author who has won numerous awards throughout high school for his writing. He is the author of “Abigail”, his debut novel, and has already started writing on future projects. He is a senior in high school and is currently thinking about attending Georgia Southern, but born and raised in Louisville he will always be a Louisville fan at heart. He currently lives in Georgia with his family of five.

jimmy choo f cover

This book is about how to own your first cat or adding one to your family. It talks about all the necessities for owning a cat. It also talks about all the commitments that are needed including time and financial. Finally, this book shows that adding a cat to your life will be the best decision you will make in your life.

Welcome Home Jimmy Choo
Taylor Swaggerty
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395258


Taylor is 18 years old and graduating high school this year. She also owns three cats and one dog. She has one brother and her mom and dad. Once she even owned bunnies, a chinchilla, turtles, fish, and all the little creatures that she rescued. Her cat’s name is Flo and she is 14, who is a black alley cat. Her mother’s cat, which is the star of this book, is Jimmy Choo. He is 2 years old and is a Bengal. Her dad’s cat is Frankie, who is also featured in this book; he is 7 and an orange and white alley cat. Her dog’s name is Smokey; he is 8 years old and is a blue tic beagle. She is also a pet-sitter and works with Petsmart adoptions. She wants to study to be a veterinarian, because animals are her passion.


Poster1In light of everything that happened in my childhood I had some major personal issues to deal with. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Judy Cripps, gave me a small journal (which I have to this day) and told me to write my feelings and thoughts down onto paper, whether they were happy or sad or even angry. In turn my passion for writing began. Mrs. Cripps showed me that it is okay to be upset and angry as long as I did not let it consume me; she showed me a way to channel my emotions, which helped me greatly.



The Rest is Still Unwritten

Jennifer Shirley

Hardback, ISBN: 9781936815432


Poster1Jennifer Shirley is eighteen years old and was born and raised in Canton, GA. This book is her life written down on paper. Writing is more than just a hobby to her, it is a life raft. She has not had an easy life and writing has helped her through it. She has overcome many obstacles. She says she is blessed to have friends and family that love and support her. She is extremely excited to have her first book published, and she hopes to publish many more in the future! She hopes that everyone who reads this book is able to gain something from her words.