Gender disparities in specific science, engineering, technology, and mathematics (STEM) degrees are apparent in the United States’ higher education reports (e.g., National Science Committee on Science and Engineering Indicators, 2014). There is a lack of understanding female STEM majors’ selection that can be addressed by personality, STEM interest (INT), STEM self-efficacy (SE), and mathematics anxiety (MA), and understanding the relationship between those factors. The purpose of the study was to describe, compare, and predict female STEM majors based on personal factors (i.e., INT, SE, MA, and personality) through the following strands: (a) to examine the association of female STEM majors’ personality and INT, SE, and MA, (b) to compare the personality traits between females non-STEM and STEM majors, and (c) to predict the likelihood of a female majoring in a STEM field based on her INT, SE, and MA. This research survey data was collected from 128 female undergraduate students, including STEM (n = 62) and non-STEM majors (n = 63). Instruments include the Big Five Inventory (John, Donahue, & Kentle, 1991; John, Naumann, & Soto, 2008), STEM items on the Basic Interest Markers (Liao, Armstrong, & Rounds, 2008), and Nauta’s (1997) adaptation of Lent, Brown, and Larkin’s (1986) Self-Efficacy for Academic Milestones Scale. Results revealed neuroticism was positively related to MA, and conscientiousness and agreeableness were negatively related to MA. SE predicted INT, MA, and majoring in STEM. Finally, the study found STEM majors were more open than non-STEM majors. This research has implications for identifying female STEM majors who may have MA, decreasing those students’ MA, and recruiting females who would be open to a STEM career.

Key Words: female STEM majors, personality, self-efficacy, interests, math anxiety

ISBN: 978-1-943529-33-9, Hardcover, $30.00

many pebbles covers

These Books share the author's work life including her ideas, philosophy, programs, relevant websites, quotations, stories, and Mrs. Marks' Sparks which are ideas she has picked up along the way by experience, readings, and conversations with others that she feels are important to share. They are not necessarily original to her. The author’s goal for this Book is to encourage the reader to share their gifts with the children they are working with by using her ideas, philosophy, and programs as a stepping off point.

Many Pebbles to Make a Difference: Inspiring Ways You Can Improve Children’s Lives by Making Connections
Paperback $14.99


All Four Volumes:




Miami Senior High School Class of 1966 50th Class Reunion
Paperback, ISBN: 9781943529469


This publication is written as a guide for landowners and land managers. Included are photographs that show before timber harvesting and after harvesting when sound harvesting guidelines are followed. By using a planned harvest utilizing state best management practices (BMPs) the forest will be in better condition than before harvest.

Good harvesting practices can enhance the visual quality, protect and conserve water quality, air quality, soil productivity, and greatly improve wildlife habitat.


Sustainable Timber Harvesting
Danny Henson
Paperback, ISBN: 9781943529155

The Homeless Pet School Clubs are an opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds and with different strengths to come together with their fellow club members in sharing their love for animals by participating in animal rescue. Their passion for helping these animals will be displayed as they tell their homeless pet's story to people they know. The club members will celebrate the thrill of success when their School Pet Club leader tells them that someone adopted their sponsored pet. This sense of accomplishment by club members can be repeated time and time again as they continue to sponsor pets, network these homeless pets and celebrate their successes each and every time they receive news that another sponsored pet was adopted. The lesson learned by these kids is that all life has value, is worth saving and their efforts do make a difference.

The History of Homeless Pet School Clubs
Laura Fritz

Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395876


Since the first hunter-gathers came home with a Brontosaurs leg and the ladies of the cave said, “Ug mug sug dug” (which means, “Where did you get that?”), men have been telling hunting stories; however, no two cave men told the story the same way. Some men told the story of the hunt and everyone went to sleep. Others told the same hunting story and it was magically transformed. Carrying this concept forward in time to this book, the storyteller (that would be me) is seeking to do the same thing as the storytellers of old… entertain the cave dwellers. Some of these stories may touch your heart strings and some are just stories proceeding from my heat oppressed brain. You have my permission to decide for yourself which is which..


Memories of the Hunt

George Frady

Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395852 - $12.99


 Della has lived a jarring life of many highs and lows, but somehow managed to cope with her hardships. The story of her faith-filled journey together with the leading ladies in her life, including her mother, when her mother is on her death bed and her oldest daughter, Pat, after Della has an untimely, sudden stroke which initially paralyzed the left side of her body but not her soul or will to live is stated here. In her first book, Della speaks out as a Bible teacher, seminarian, daughter and mother on her struggles as a stroke survivor. She uses poignant language and descriptions, but simple words to show her vulnerability as a survivor and not a victim, giving an account of her stroke rehabilitation and her healing with fervent prayers in an effort to receive love, forgive, be affirmed and confidant again after childhood trauma and adulthood rejection from her mother. Her prayers are answered. After more than 10 years, Della finally receives the unconditional love from her mother that she was seeking for a lifetime. Although her mother cannot talk, in a warm but instantaneous moment, she physically reaches out with love to Della while dying from breast cancer in intensive care. With her youngest brother serving as a low-key but calm and patient mediator, the communication impasse is overcome and Della's spiritual, mental, and emotional healing arise. Despite the prior rejection of her mother, Della rapidly overcomes the years of silence between them through trust in God, allegiance, prayer, and the ample love of her daughter, Pat. This book effort shows Della enthusiastically embracing the similarities of the trio which include an adoration for volunteering, mission work, gardening, and lifelong learning.

Closer to the Valley: Like Peas in a Pod

Della Spearman

Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395678 - $12.99


Inspired by the courageous work of firefighters, police officers, and the U.S. military, this book is a manual for anyone to bring balance and harmony into their life. These brave men and women experience the worst of humanity, and place themselves in harm's way every day of their lives. Our own lives can be horrific, too. PTSD, drug and alcohol addictions, suicide, and the effects of stress are all topics discussed with the intent of healing and curing these conditions. Peace, balance, and good health can be attained by anyone. They need only look within their own heart.

“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.” Marianne Williamson

The Divine Warrior: Healing the Hearts of Those Who Protect and Serve

Frank Luce

Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395692 - $16.99

413XjlKSiUL[1]Hometown Holidays is a collection of columns celebrating special occasions throughout the year. Written during the last 15 years for the Cherokee Tribune, this assortment of some of the best-loved writings of Rebecca Johnston make for a heart-warming read wherever you are from and whatever the season. From memories of Christmas mornings and special family times to small-town Fourth of July celebrations to sometimes humorous musings about Thanksgiving Day, Hometown Holidays helps count down the year in an entertaining and enjoyable way. Meaningful stories of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, of Easter services and New Year’s resolutions make this book something to cherish and read again and again each holiday season. This nostalgic look at holidays past will keep you remembering just what makes each time of year so significant and unique and put your own holiday celebration in a new light.

Hometown Holidays
Rebecca Johnston
Hardback, ISBN: 9780981867311


fifty years front cover smallThis is 1964 class of Pickens County High School, then and now.

Fifty Years 1964-2014
Class of 1964 Reunion Committee
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395395 $18.00

Alyson f coverThrough these tidbits of advice for my beloved daughter, Alyson, I hope to teach her the lessons I have learned in my life, a life that has had many experiences and so much joy. I hope that she will share this little book with her children, and that they will share with theirs, so that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will know me and know of my love for them through my daughter. And, as my personality dictates, Mama G. wants to have the last word!




Advice for Alyson
Deirdre Grogan
Hardcover, ISBN: 9781940395067

options f coverIf you own a stock portfolio, large or small, and are unfamiliar with options investing, this is the book for you.

This book is a comprehensive introduction to explain the fundamentals, the terminology and how to buy and sell equity options. It shows how to obtain higher rewards with less risk. It continues with fifteen worked examples of basic calls and puts, spreads, straddles, strangles and collars. It explains how each strategy enables you to generate profits in rising, falling or sideways markets. A major feature is the use of high quality diagrams and graphs for easier understanding.

Fundamentals of Equity Options
Mike Tamworth
Hardcover, ISBN: 9781936815951

Two Weeks Notice is not intended to bash the corporate world, nor advise people to resign from their corporate jobs. However, many employees - people actually - will get to a point in their lives where his or her career is no longer satisfying or meeting their expectations for happiness. IS THIS YOU?

Two Weeks Notice
Jeffrey Costa
Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-936815-71-5

eBook available on Kindle and Nook

Are you tired of being tired? Fed up with losing weight and gaining it back, plus ten more pounds? Frustrated with diet plans? Are you ready to make small changes to your daily habits to get great results? Doctors Katherine Gettys and Susan Reynolds present readers with a realistic plan designed from their own experiences.

Secrets of a Successful Loser
Dr. Susan Reynolds and Dr. Katherine Gettys
Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-936815-61-6

Whether you are married, have children, or are just starting to manage your own money, this is a book for you. You will find yourself in the multiple examples Dr. James Kilgore gives and much more. Practical insights about budgeting and use of credit.

Getting More Family Out of Your Dollar
James Kilgore, Ph.D
Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-936815-64-7

eBook available on Kindle and Nook

Readers can find a collection of funny, thought provoking and touching emails, articles and minutiae that the author has collected over the years. Poems, cartoons, hilarious pictures and stories — there is something for everyone looking for a laugh.

A Gift of Wit, Wisdom & Modern Folklore
Jack Cashin
Hardcover, ISBN: 9781936815470

pb gift f coverNow available in paperback!

A Gift of Wit, Wisdom & Modern Folklore
Jack Cashin
Paperback, ISBN: 9781936815777


Busy schedules, time and energy restraints. And at the end of the day, every couple needs more time to talk together. Authors Eddie and Sylvia Robertson have captured star reviews by self help and relationship authors and specialists, as they attempt to pass along what they’ve learned from their marriage and others.

Wonderful Wednesdays
Eddie and Sylvia Robertson
Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-936815-51-7

This book contains information on the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

The Friendly Enemy Adolescent Workbook
Lorraine M. Fast
Paperback, ISBN: 978-0983491002

This book contains information on the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation. The Friendly Enemy is a well-researched book that can help you identify those perpetrators who seek to prey on innocent children. The Friendly Enemy will better equip you with the knowledge of who the "friendly enemy" truly is and it is a must read to those working in the fields of counseling, social work, education or ministry.

The Friendly Enemy
Lorraine M. Fast
Paperback, ISBN: 9780983491026

This book contains information on the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation.Our world is very big. There are many, many people in it. But, of all the people in this great big world, the most special ones are the children. They are like beautiful flowers growing in the sunshine. This book is for the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse.

The Friendly Enemy: Children’s Workbook
Lorraine M. Fast
Paperback, ISBN: 9780983491019

The subject of poverty and the domino effect of it on society, especially in the developing countries, must be addressed with urgency, if not immediacy. This, my latest book, Poverty, Hunger, Disease and Global Health, is a small token to the many dedicated people who are sincerely intent and motivated to make the world a better place for all by committing their time, talent, and resources with the hope of creating change and new vistas for the world's 3 billion forgotten people dreaming of better tomorrows.

Poverty, Hunger, Disease and Global Health
Don A. Franco
Paperback, ISBN: 9780979623103

Already featured in Woman's Day and endorsed by many psycholo­gists and marriage counselors, Dr. James Kilgore's book utilizes prac­tical techniques, helpful illustrations, and case studies ... plus a full month of day-by-day exercises that will help you and your partner develop your God-given capacity for loving, sharing communication.

Try Marriage Before Divorce
James Kilgore
Paperback, ISBN: 9780981867397