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Have you ever wondered what monsters eat, what the Tooth Fairy does with all the teeth, or how the Naughty Or Nice list works? Have you ever laid awake at night wondering why cats have scratchy tongues, where the socks go, or what happens after bedtime? Now you'll know! In ten short stories, you'll be able to unlock the secrets of the universe! But keep an eye out, there are always more questions to answer and secrets to reveal, for now though, it's time to unlock some of the greatest mysteries of all time.... or atleast of childhood

What Monsters Eat and Other Unexplained Mysteries
ISBN: 978-1-943529-92-6, Paperback, $9.99

Have you ever wondered how Santa gets down the chimney, how to get rid of cooties, or if the Easter bunny lays eggs? Have you ever laid awake at night thinking about how dogs became watch dogs, where babies come from, or why it takes so long to go to bed? Now you'll know! In ten short stories, you'll be able to unlock the secrets of the universe! But keep an eye out, there are always more questions to answer and secrets to reveal, for now though, it's time to unlock some of the greatest mysteries of all time.... or at least of childhood.

How Santa Gets Down the Chimney and Other Unexplained Mysteries
ISBN: 978-1-943529-91-9, Paperback, $9.99

Annabelle and her brother are best friends.
They enjoy playing, reading, and being together.
Her brother is very, very ill. He is going to heaven.
Annabelle lives life with joy, humor, and concern as she loves her brother.

Pamela believes a story helps children better understand the world around them. She often told stories to her students before she left teaching to become a full-time mom. As a mom, she used stories to emphasize life lessons to give her daughters extra understanding. As a grammie, she knew her Annabelle needed a story especially for her. As she quietly discovered, there are many Annabelle's in the world. The prayer is Annabelle's story gives children hope and comfort.

Heaven Awaits: I Love My Brother
ISBN: 978-1-943529-78-0, Paperback, $12.99


A Variety of fun BIBLE facts and

trivia presented in an interesting way!

Bible Fun
ISBN: 978-1-943529-62-9, Paperback, $15.00

case5.500x8.500.inddShhhhhhh, open your eyes to hear and close your ears to see what the mime is saying. Join Natasha and Yauheni, two strangers on a trip to the laundromat, who meet and learn that they are more similar then they initially thought. Along the way they encounter various people with very unique names from different walks of life with a wide range of interests. At first glance they all seem drastically different. But are they so different after all? See if you can hear the mime speaking. What is the voice saying to you?



Be Kind Shouted the mime
ISBN: 978-1-943529-65-0, Paperback, $10.99

ISBN: 978-1-943529-66-7, Hardcover, $21.99


Goodnight, sleep tight,
don’t let the bedbugs bite,
a message ahead for you and me, from all the animals in the sea

Goodnight Aquarium!
ISBN: 978-1-943529-60-5, Paperback, $9.99

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IMG_1036b IMG_1041b

The stories and illustrations found inside this book are from the masterminds of the seventh grade students pictured above. As you read each story, you will be taken into a world of imagination and self-discovery. By purchasing this book, you are supporting young writers with amazing talent and ambitious spirits. Please enjoy this anthology of completely unrelated stories!

The Lost Journal of the Missing Twarsh
Paperback $9.99

Always f cover

In life, we all will experience storms that are out of our control. It is how we react to those storms that will impact others.

Collins Dixon is our youngest son and the inspiration to share this book. When Collins was 11 years old we found out that he had a brain tumor that was rare for a child.

Collins not only relied solely on the Lord during this time but showed us all how to live with faith, courage, and strength beyond his years.

He said that God must have chosen him for this journey. Because of Collins’ strength and faith, we all lived like he wasn’t dying.

Always Love You
Paperback, ISBN: 9781943529506 $12.99

Hardcover, ISBN: 9781943529513 $21.99

front cover square

Leah’s magical friend Pippin helps her discover the gift of the heart, so she can help her friend Max.


Leah's Magic Apple Tree
Debbie Byrd
Paperback, ISBN: 9781943529223

Hardcover, ISBN: 9781943529230



Avery and Jack aren't too sure about their new nanny, Miss Mae. So when she arrives, they put her to the test! But Miss Mae isn't moved by their wild behavior. In fact, she uses this teachable moment to help the children understand the importance of following rules and obeying authority. This fun story is a great tool for helping young children learn about obedience.



Obey Miss Mae
Mae Lynn Biggs
Paperback, ISBN: 9781943529124


Sara invites you to meet her new friends,
and learn how her garden of flowers
became much more than a source of beauty.

Sara's Flower Garden
Shari Spokes
Paperback, ISBN: 9781943529087

Sam Snyder f cover2

Samuel Snyder's delightful verse and message of self-esteem appeals to both children and adults.
Samuel is a six-legged spider,who despite being different from his eight-legged mates , spins...

"Weaves of lace and pattern rare,
striking strands of stunning beauty,
first place winners at the fair"

Samuel catches other unique insects to help them remember the gifts they bring to the world. After reminding each of their magnificence, he sets them free to return home and assist others in treasuring themselves.

Samuel Snyder, The Six-Legged Spider
Jan Blaskay
Paperback, ISBN: 9781943529056

Monsters f Cover smallMonsters under the bed are not always a bad thing...

Monsters Under The Bed
Alexa Asagi Andres
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395944

Munson f cover

Come explore with an especially persnikity dog named Munson in this mini adventure series. Each story ends with a moral and a promise of more tales to be told.

You’ll find Munson in many teachable moments throughout the book.

Tag along with him to see what he learns along the way.

The Adventures of Munson
Chelsea Yaun

Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395975

sir knight f cover small

How does a young boy save children being held captive by the villain Mustgreed and his band of Drones? They were being held on the other side of a forest inhabited by all sorts of dragons and monsters? If the young man accepted the quest he would be placed in all sorts of dangers and would be accompanied only by an owl. Ah, but what an owl.

The Adventures of Sir Knight
Louis De Martinis

Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395883



A heartfelt children's book about a daughter and the magic of her first dandelion wish with her father.


A Dandelion Girl

Christopher Jude

Illustrated by Sarah Emert

Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395777 - $9.99

The whimsical tale of how the birthday candle became a tradition. Jamie is a native of Canton, Georgia where she lives with her husband & two daughters. A former elementary school teacher, she was encouraged by her family to put “The Birthday Candle” in writing. She hopes you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed writing it!


The Birthday Candle

Jamie Bobo

Illustrated by Debbie Byrd

Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395739 - $9.99

Hardback, ISBN: 9781940395753 - $21.99

Strange f cover2b"Why are you crying, Little Red Riding Hood?"
"Because they call me strange Mr. Wolf."
"Who calls you strange my dear?"
"Everyone, they say I am strange because I have a sickness- a difference- and because I am not like them."


They Call Me Strange
Alexa "Asagi" Andres
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395593


final coverCarolyn Burkholder has loved and owned dogs most of her life. Like Charlie, they have all been “rescue dogs.” Charlie is a beautiful, loving dog with a goofy personality. This children’s book captures his unique personality and funny behavior in verse and photographs, also taken by Carolyn.

Everybody Loves Charlie
Carolyn Burkholder
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395562


31lmY6mb7WL[1]Two children go on an adventure with their ocean friends searching for a lost treasure.

Ayla by the Sea
Debbie Byrd

Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395357


benny test cover3 small final“Benny, King of the Couch” is a story about a dog’s journey to leave a sad home and the challenges of making adjustments to move into a happy and safe home.






Benny, King of the Couch
DeeDee Doeckel
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395418 $9.99

PIP f cover smallerHe's back....Casey James Parker, the adorable "Poodle on a Noodle", stars in a new children's book, Poodle in a Puddle. This storybook pulls at the heartstrings-in a good way. Casey wakes up in the morning to find his family is gone, and he sets off to find them. Early into his journey he chases a rabbit into the woods. When he frees himself from the brambles his collar slips off and is left behind. Both adults and children will root for little Casey on his journey, while the many photos take them right alongside him on his quest to find his family. In addition to entertaining, the story educates and reinforces the importance of microchipping pets to assure a happy ending.

Poodle in a Puddle
Laura Fritz
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395388 $9.99

mooch f cover kSeeing is believing!



Four cousins squeal with delight as a lone dolphin approaches their boat and begs for food. But who is he? Where did he come from? How did he get here? Their search for answers leads them to an unlikely stranger who tells a tale full of unexpected adventure and mystery!

The Mystery of Mooch
Phyllis Crowley
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395364

DIGB f coverbDIGB is the first in a series of children's books which help parents teach their children about God's amazing love through the eyes of the world's first dicipling dog! Journey with DIGB and her friends on their mission to spread God's love, and teach some of life's most important lessons in a way that children can easily relate to and understand. You can learn more about DIGB and the products offered by visiting Follow DIGB on Facebook at https://www.facebook/digblove


Tayran and Jon Cooper
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395135

eBook available on

Bear f cover2eBook available on and“I AM A WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL ME, AND YOU ARE A WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL YOU!" is a mantra to develop self-esteem and self-confidence for readers of all ages. As much as it is not wanted, individuals intentionally or unintentionally say and do unkind, hurtful, embarrassing things to children. Using a Wonderful Bear, children learn to freely share their feelings and remind themselves how wonderful they are. It is WONDERFUL to have a friend who listens and tells you how WONDERFUL YOU ARE!


My Wonderful Bear and Me
Twyla Sue McConnell

Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395197

Hardcover, ISBN: 9781943529018

eBook available on and

Christmas Gift f cover smallIt's Christmas and you want to give your mom the best gift she has

ever received.

What could it be?

This beautifully illustrated children’s book helps teach children the true spirit of giving and shows them that sometimes the best gift is making others happy


The Christmas Gift
Taylor Griffis
Hardcover, ISBN: 9781940395180

MAGIC BAG f COVER smallSanta’s Magic Toy Bag began as a Christmas tradition for our family when our twins were 3 years old. One night, a few weeks before Christmas, a book and Santa’s Magic Toy Bag appeared under our Christmas tree. The book explained that Santa needed the help of good little boys and girls. Santa asked the children to gather toys to give away and place them into the “magic” bag for Santa to take with him when he returned on Christmas Eve. Our children were excited to share their treasures with others and eagerly accepted Santa’s challenge! Our hope is that you will make Santa’s Magic Toy Bag a part of your family’s Christmas traditions.


Santa's Magic Toy Bag
Angela & Chuck Wilson
Paperback, ISBN: 9781936815838

Santa's Magic Toy Bag Set
Angela & Chuck Wilson
Box, ISBN: 9781936815968

Talking f coverDuring the summer of 2012, the “Bee Sharp” creative writing and illustrating workshops offered fun games, guided instruction, and art lessons to help students to use their imagination, sharpen written expression, and develop drawing skills. As a result of the students’ endeavors, poems and drawings of animals were created and compiled into this anthology of poems.

The “Bee Sharp” workshops were offered through the Creative and Performing Arts Academy of Jasper, Ga. CAPAA is a nonprofit organization for the promotion of fine and performing arts education for the community. CAPAA offers private and group lessons in guitar, piano, voice, violin, cello, mountain dulcimer, acting, photography, drawing, and painting to all ages. The instructors consist of professional musicians, artists, and certified teachers.

Find us on the web at -


Talking To the Animals
Sulaine Sims
Paperback, ISBN: 9781936815630

poodle f cover
Meet Casey James Parker, an extraordinary little poodle who does everything little dogs do and lots of things people do too! Through these candid photos you can join Casey on his exciting adventures. Get ready to have fun!

Poodle on a Noodle
Laura Fritz
Paperback, ISBN: 9781936815883

Lily f coverTake an adventure with two best friends, Lily and Grace, who must save their
home and protect the ocean.

Lily & Grace: Friends to the Rescue
Debbie Byrd
Hardcover, ISBN: 9781936815821


Lily & Grace: Friends to the Rescue
Debbie Byrd

Paperback, ISBN: 9781936815760

nature f cover smallHave you ever wondered where you fit in this great world? Have you ever felt that others had a voice, and a song to sing, while you felt that you had nothing to offer? Baaaxley is in the same boat. This is his story, and maybe yours, too!

All Nature Sings!
Cheryl White
Hardcover, ISBN: 9781936815753

Chanler f coverChanler is a silly chimp who loves spending time with his friends. In this book, Chanler and his friends go camping in their backyard. Things go wrong when Chanler and his friends go fishing and things get a little fishy when they get back to the camp site. What else could go wrong?


Chanler and Friends: Backyard Camping
Sarah Emert
Paperback, ISBN: 9781936815814

Canton is a beagle who loves to love. In this book you’ll discover all the things that Canton loves. Canton wants to inspire people and let you know that you are loved.

The Things that Canton Loves the Most
Sarah Emert
Paperback, ISBN: 9781936815326

Crow swoops down into the cornfield, thinking of nothing more than eating with his fellow crows and maybe gossiping a little. But Wind blows in with his demanding Scottish brogue to tell Crow things that can change him forever. And Crow has to decide to believe or stay the same.

The Crow and the Wind
Kathi Harper Hill
Hardcover, ISBN: 9780983019053