This collection of stories occurred in the area of Stamp Creek and Sutallee of Cherokee County, Georgia from around 1830 until 1950. They present a picture of survival that was dependent on the determination of those who lived in the area. The reader will enjoy stories of Government Bureaucrats having acted in a way contrary to what was authorized by congress, Al Capone’s alluded to contacts in the area, and an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch that dealt with Illegal Whiskey sales, among many other interesting tales.

Sagas of Stamp Creek and Sutalee
ISBN: 978-1-943529-96-4, Paperback, $25.00

jack6.000x9.000.inddAnother Patchwork Quilt is the second volume in the Patchwork Quilt series which is a partial history of Ball Ground from scraps and bits of the community’s heritage. The “scraps and bits” are from feature articles the author has written in the Pickens County Progress newspaper of Jasper, Georgia. In Another Patchwork Quilt, you will continue to explore Ball Ground’s past, including reliving the area’s tragic Civil War years which saw scores of area residents lose their lives in a “war within a war.” You’ll read about a gold mine with a production that rivaled mines in California, as well as a school which rose from the ashes twice. You’ll meet some of the town’s interesting people, including past residents like an eccentric but respected doctor, current residents like a dedicated youth baseball coach, and former residents like a beloved mother who recently passed away. You’ll visit places such as a stately neoclassical mansion which has stood atop a hill in Ball Ground for a century as well as a half dozen other historic homes. You’ll take a look into Ball Ground’s crystal ball and foresee what may be on the horizon for this quaint little town, including an in-depth look at a unique restaurant that has become an iconic landmark. In a special and very moving section about Ball Ground’s heroes, you’ll read about an P-38 fighter pilot who flew forty-six missions before being shot down over German occupied Poland, and a Navy sailor whose faith helped him survive a Japanese attack on the USS Franklin aircraft carrier, the second worst U. S. naval disaster of World War II. Whether you’re a long-time resident of Ball Ground, a recent move-in, or just curious about this very special little town, you’ll enjoy reading every page of this second installment of the Patchwork Quilt series.


Another Patchwork Quilt
ISBN: 978-1-943529-67-4, Hardcover, $26.99


A Patchwork Quilt, in the words of the author, is a partial history of Ball Ground from scraps and bits of the community’s heritage. The “scraps” are taken from articles published in the Pickens County Progress newspaper of Jasper. In A Patchwork Quilt, you will discover Ball Ground’s Indian heritage and how the town got its name. You will relive its ancient past through stories about one the community’s founding fathers, A. W. Roberts, as well as the recent past in a profile of one of its best known citizens, Oscar “Rock Man” Robertson. Whether you’re a lifelong resident of Ball Ground, a recent move-in, or just curious about one of the quaintest and most unique small towns in Georgia, A Patchwork Quilt will have you turning page after page in anticipation.

A Patchwork Quilt
Larry Cavender
Paperback, ISBN: 9781943529162

HIghtower front cover

Find here a unique blend of church minutes, membership rolls, cemetery records, local history and family stories. With over 200 pictures, this book of 100 plus years of history will be enjoyed by many.
The congregation with a strong faith in God and a sense of love and care for one another welcomes you to their services at 3444 Hightower Road, Ball Ground Georgia.

More information can be found at http://www.hightowerbaptistchurch.com


Hightower Baptist Church
Joyce Milford Hutchins
Paperback, ISBN: 9781943529131

Dawson Co. History f coverSince its organization in 1987, the Dawson County Historical and Genealogical Society has looked for someone to write an “official” history of the county, authenticated by research and records.

There have been several books, both factual and fiction based on historical events and people, which have recorded different aspects of the county’s history. Numerous articles in newspapers and magazines have highlighted specific people, places, and events. This book, authorized by the Dawson County Board of Commissioners, is the culmination of work by several members of the Society to bring together official records, research by earlier historians, and memories – both written and oral.

Dawson County, Georgia: A History
Dawson County Historical and Genealogical Society
Hardcover, ISBN: 9781940395838

71jFJ+9oV3L[1]The early medical care in Rome is compellingly chronicled in the actual words of Dr. M. M. McCord who arrived from Whigham, Georgia in 1914 with degrees from Emory Medical School, Atlanta, and Harvard Medical School in Boston. The book's anecdotes, both profound and often amusing, present a history of family and public life and a doctor's response to births, deaths, and the health needs between the alpha and omega of existence. Rome's reputation as an outstanding center of fine medical care has its roots in the early days of the 20th century and the great medical doctors who served here. Dr. McCord presents a professional, compassionate, and highly readable account of this history.

The Doctor Has Arrived
Mather Marvin McCord
Hardback, ISBN: 9781936815739


Voices f cover

Growing up in a small town in Georgia, I got to know a lot of

Veterans that served in the War.

I am older now and realize that the stories of their sacrifices need to be preserved for generations to come. This is how I got started on my journey in the Greatest Generations Oral History Preservation.

Getting to go to the assisted living homes and sitting with these people I realized that a lot of what is in the History books is wrong and it's gradually being removed all together. That's why it's so important to get these stories out there and bring our History back, not someone' s opinion but the stories from those who were there and the ones here that had to sacrifice so much to give us the freedoms that we have today.

Voices From the Past
Denver Peardon
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395371

Cemetary f cover small

Originally, this cemetery was the Smithwick Family Burial Ground, located on the land of William Willis Smithwick, who was in Cherokee County by 1835 when he purchased land lot #812 from his half brother, James Brannon. This is where the Orange store and post office was later located.

The History of Old Orange Cemetery
Fonda Smithwick Oliver
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395319

Haunting History f cover smallerPeople for generations have been told spooky ghost stories in front of a warm fire. Chances are, those tales, or at least some of them, came from some experiences the storytellers heard as children or had personally experienced.

I would venture to say that most everyone has had some type of experience they could not explain. These stories were told to me by persons living and deceased and are accurate to the best of my knowledge. Some people have allowed full disclosure while others have chosen to be anonymous. While keeping with this, some of the names and locations have been changed to protect the identities of these people, others are submitted to the best of my ability as factually as possible. The collection of accounts in this book are correct to the best of my knowledge.


The Haunting History of Canton
Leisa Wilkie
Paperback, ISBN: 9781940395081

shady brook f cover smallLong before Shady Brook became a YMCA camp for boys and girls, it was a playground, respite and resort for the Bandhauer family. This work examines the camp's history through carefully selected photographs, memorabilia, historical documents and the author's personal experience. As both a documentary and memoir, the journey of a family with roots in Prussia and the camp's present-day life will be explored. The family's history tells a story of immigration, entre-preneurial pursuits, financial hardships, tragedy and survival. From the time the Bandhauers owned the property until after it became a YMCA camp in 1948, Shady Brook has been a portal into the wilderness for discovery and the divine relationship between man and nature. This is the story, not only of a family, but of a place. This place is of red-brown gravel ground, dusty pine trees and beaten paths. It is about structures, old and new, from the Dancehall to the Dining Hall. It is about the creatures that inhabit Shady Brook, from the muskrat in the lake, to the rabbits in the bush, various dogs that resided at camp over the years, painted horses and garbage-rummaging bears. It is the geography of a place: Day Mountain, the Silver Mine, a lake, canyon and the Natural Bridge. It is a place of legend and lore, too, because what camp would be a camp without a ghost story or tales of Black Bart? It is the place of a thousand campers and a place once visited, you never really leave. This is the story of Camp Shady Brook.


We are Camp Shady Brook
Kerry Burke
Paperback, ISBN: 9781936815999

eBook available on Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com

From Cherokee Indians and a large Indian stockade to hard-working farmers and influential businesses like Nejasco Farms and Dairy, this book is the story of country people dedicated to faith, family, and community located in east-central Cherokee County, Georgia.

Buffington and Macedonia in Days Gone By
W.F. Bell and Marcus Beavers
Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-936815-68-5

The story of a hometown radio station built in Canton, Georgia, in 1957, when the main industries of Cherokee County revolved around cotton and chickens. Much of the information is based on the memories of Byron Dobbs, one of the original employees of WCHK, where he remained for 40 years advancing from “golfer” to General Manager.

The Glory Days of WCHK
Marguerite Cline
Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-936815-70-8

A groundbreaking tour de force which presents a revealing glimpse into the world of an obscure group of potters who have lived and worked for more than a century in east-central Cherokee County, Georgia. Replete with almost 400 photographs, you will not only be able to read the captivating story, but view their art and life in pictures.
Features the work of:

The Potters of Orange
Jim McFarland
Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-936815-69-2

The Irwinville Farms Project was a government program established to help young farmers all over the United States. Irwinville was their poster project. The records of The Irwinville Farms are archived in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Photographers were sent to Irwinville every year until 1939. Irwinville is a very historical little town in South Georgia.

Irwinville Farms Project
Joy Wilson McDaniel
Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-936815-52-4

Authored by local writer and Cherokee County native Rebecca Johnston, the book is the first comprehensive history of Cherokee County published since 1932. The book will take readers from the times of the Native Americans to the Civil War and the Great Depression, through the years leading up to World War II and up to modern day times.

Cherokee County, Georgia: A History
Rebecca Johnston
Hardcover, ISBN: 9781936815289

As the Trustees and board members of the Canton First Methodist Church were planning the construction and decoration of the new Church building in 1926, they looked for an artist for the Stained Glass Windows. The outstanding artist in Atlanta for leaded stained Glass windows was Joseph V. Llorens. He had already designed the windows in many churches in the area. He was contacted and designed the windows along with F.J Cooledge and Sons for the actual window construction. After he designed the windows, he was commissioned to remake the Cyclorama in Atlanta and added the foreground and refurbished the painting during the depression recovery commissioned by the CCC. He was called on again to make the Good Shepherd Window in 1945. The first service in the new church building was held on May 2, 1926 with the Rev. E. C. Wilson as pastor.

History in Stained Glass
Hardcover, ISBN: 9781936815258
$25.00 (all proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Canton First United Methodist Church Van Fund)

This book covers the history of sports in Cherokee County, Georgia from 1880- 1909. It also covers the highlights of the general history of the area for that period to provide a context for the sporting events.

Game Time: An Early History of Cherokee County Sports
Lowell F. Lawson
Paperback, ISBN: 9780981867380