Leisa Wilkie

DSC_0711_FbLeisa Wilkie is the owner, operator, and tour guide of Canton Ghost Tour.  She is a freelance writer, cruise blogger, paranormal investigator, genealogist, and energy worker.  She has studied the topic of the paranormal since childhood and is very well read in various modalities of healing, cryptids, intuition, and of course ghosts and haunting.

Ms. Wilkie has always had a deep love of history and genealogy.  She is currently working on a historical fiction based on actual events that occurred in 1912.  She currently lives with her two feline companions, Tedds (aka Teddy Bear) and Ouija, her Norwegian Forest cat in her childhood home in Buffington Community, where several generations of her mom’s family were reared.

Reading and travel are her two favorite pastimes.  Ms. Wilkie always attends ghost tours in the cities where she travels.  Her favorite tours are located in the historical cities of Boston, St. Augustine and Savannah – not to forget the Canton Ghost Tour in Historic Canton, GA.