Elree Worley

Elree-WorleyElree Bridges Worley was born January 25, 1924, in a very rural county located in upper middle Georgia. As a child her interests were drawing, painting, writing songs, skits and poems. This family was a close-knit one that was typical for that area and era. There were 12 living children, a very active mother, an aging father, and a paternal grandmother.

After many years of motherhood, housewifery and work in her husband’s business, she started reminiscing about her childhood to her very young granddaughter who seemed very interested in the stories and wanted to hear more. With much consideration and thought, she felt it would be fun to surprise her sisters and brothers at their yearly family meetings with some little stories about their childhood antics.

In reviewing the fun times, it was inevitable to include some of the hardships and bad times. One story led to another and eventually she was encouraged to put them into a book.