Dawn Glaser

Dawn Glaser is a dedicated wife to Chris and mother to two boys, Preston and Adam. Their home is in Woodstock, Ga. She is a member of the Christian Authors Guild. She enjoys reading, kayaking, hiking, traveling, spending time with family, and serving the Lord anytime she can. He Stilled the Storm Within Me is her first book of how God is using her testimony to reach others for his Glory and help restore them. She shares experiences that are deep, dark, and untold by women who were taught, “Don’t hang out your dirty laundry for everyone to see.” She has set out to prove that God can change any life and redeem them from the pit that she was once in herself. She is transparent, wears her heart on her sleeve, and shines for Jesus.

Look for her next book, Daybreak Devotions to be on the shelves some time in 2012.