Kathi Harper Hill

Kathi photo2Kathi Harper Hill has lived in the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia all her life. She says Appalachia is her first language, English being her second.

Kathi finds herself drawn to writing about southern characters who recognize their need for God, and has been writing since the age of ten. Her book, Falling, is a Christian romance, published in 2011.

Besides loving to write (and read), her other interests are teaching Bible Study, interior design, and music. She has been a soloist since the age of fourteen. After a career in the mental health field, she and her family agreed on her early retirement a few years ago to take care of health issues and to finish raising their daughter.

Kathi lives in her dream house, a Victorian Cottage, with her husband, daughter, American Bulldog Molly, and the Great White Cat Frost.