People Are Funny by Kathi Harper Hill

If you walk this earth for long, you will find all sorts of odd and funny behavior in your fellow man.

Yesterday, at Mother’s, Other Brother and his lady friend served us supper. “Us” being Nephew, Nephew’s Wife and my wonderful grands,(nephew and niece) their children, Boy age four and Girl age six months, Mother, of course, Daughter and myself.

There was lots of noise, as everyone is prone to talk at the same time at our supper table. May be bad manners, but it sure is fun.
Anyway, Nephew was holding Baby Girl and trying to eat with one hand. His plan, apparently was to feed her an occasional bite of mashed potatoes while he enjoyed his meal.

Not so. We have a lot of Irish in our blood, and that means we eat a lot of potatoes. Once Baby Girl got a taste of mashed taters, she wasn’t about to let her daddy forget.

He would feed her a spoonful, she would wallow it with her lips and tongue, as babies who are just learning to eat do, then, if there wasn’t another spoonful offered immediately, she pitched a holy fit.

It was comical to watch. Poor nephew couldn’t even get a fork to his mouth before the mad screaming started. As soon as he fed her a bite of potato, there was blessed silence for about six seconds. It was comical to watch.

Then today, I sent Husband to a local deli for some food to add to our supper plates. He got there as folks were getting off work with the same idea, so he said there was a small crowd waiting.

They had a new lady: middle age, stout, friendly. Husband said she didn’t do eye contact, though. At some point she sneezed and he said it sounded close to the Tarzan yell. Her co-workers looked rather alarmed, not to mention the waiting customers.

She conversed about her sneezes to Husband, saying her family made fun of her about it.

Then she took a few steps, turned her broad back on customers and co-workers alike, and burst into the song by The Guess Who, “American Woman”. Movements included.

Husband said everyone looked astounded, and one very young, introverted co-worker winced.

Then the lady went on about her business, whatever that was.

I bet every one of you reading this blog can recall something odd or downright funny that you have seen in the last week or so, leaving you shaking your head, hopefully with a smile on your face.

People are funny.

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