Camouflaged Beauty by Liane Rowe

The butterflies appear each morning just after the sun peeks over the ridge of trees to our left when there’s just enough light to warm their wings. They spend the rest of their day in endless rounds of a rhythmic dance that takes them from bush to bush. My plantings of lantana, wildflowers, and several shades of butterfly bush call them from safe havens somewhere deep within the woods, giving them nectar and natural camouflaged nettings in which to feast. Sometimes their intricate coloring has me doing a double take, as at first glance, I must discern whether the breeze is what makes that particular orange blossom wave – or another beautiful butterfly just fluttered by.
Appearances can be deceiving. One of my wise physicians recently shared the unflattering news that one of my organs was grossly out of proportion and really should indicate dire straits…but that it was nonetheless functioning, and therefore not a problem. That was certainly comforting news, but did nothing to water my weary soul or fool me into thinking that surely I must at least feel better than I look. Add to that another’s diagnosis that my lungs suffer from occasional “athletic asthma” and my day was complete. After all, who knew that doing nothing more than twiddling one’s thumbs while waiting for vertigo to subside qualifies as “athletic?”
Proverbs 16:9 tells us that “In their hearts humans plan their course but the Lord establishes their steps.” I just wish my head would quit spinning so that mine wouldn’t seem so awkward. I know that the Lord will never give me more than I can handle – and that He must laugh every time I try to make the plan – but I thank Him in advance for the day I can get on with life as I used to know it. Knowing the blessing of camouflaged beauty in the simplest of things…bending at the sink to brush my teeth, washing the dishes while actually looking down at the water, greeting the neighbor dogs with a pat on their furry heads (at much lower elevations), or even picking up the phone to see who’s calling. I am spoiled by the major and minor blessings of life. I intend to stay this new course of appreciating each and every one.

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