Filling in the details by Liane Rowe

I am in the process of reading “The Sound of Paper” by Julia Cameron, yet another in her series of awakening the artist’s creativity in all of us. She reminded me the other day that “It takes time to fill in the details, time to find the right details to fill in.” Without having ever met, she still knows me well.

The right details for me would include living half a lifetime in pursuit of what I thought I wanted, only to stumble upon God’s grace and infinite wisdom with the gift of Mr. Rowe. Here before you is the man I love, featuring the lips that console and caress me with words and tenderness that sustain me in my hours of need. He is a man of few words, but to be honest, he doesn’t usually have a chance to utter more than a sentence or two amidst the flow of my incessant chatter.

Lately, our conversations are comprised of medical jargon, supposition, and whatever enters our minds. That alone is enough to tighten my shoulders with stress, but we always seem to end on a happy note with visions of future travel to parts unknown…just as soon as my head quits spinning and enough empty calendar squares warrant filling the suitcase. I’m still planning to see the Gulf of Mexico next month and prepare in my mind, if not by way of the shopping trip for new swim ware I planned – and just had to cancel.

My dear Dr. Pike is absolutely correct in her diagnosis of acute “frustration.” I would much rather be “filling in the details” of a trip to Spain than by managing to schedule visits to the urologist, pulmonologist, neurologist, and gastroenterologist before month’s end. Time is of the essence, as they say, and I feel as though I’m wasting mine at the moment on a brand of perfume that really stinks. Stiffen the spine, Liane! Hold your nose if you have to…answers are certain to be swift in the scheme of things…and will surely smell sweet.

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