God’s Blessed Angel

Angel f coverThis is the story of a unique life, lived with God – just as she lived it with her family, her friends, her new acquaintances, or with you (if you were one of the fortunate to have had a personal encounter with Jan, anytime or anywhere.) She would talk, listen or pray with anyone on the spot, always turning the conversation to you, even though she may be the one you came to pray with and bless. Jan lived an exciting life of seventy-five years. And, yes, it did have its challenges with polio at the age of twelve. Her left side was paralyzed. She was told she would never live a normal life and never have children. But, she prayed and gave her life to God and He healed her in a year. She lived an incredibly wonderful and fulfilled life.      

This tribute to Jan’s life and ministry was lovingly compiled by her husband of fifty-six years, Bob Fraumann. Bob can be reached at bobfraumann@yahoo.com.


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